Author Topic: Hemorrhage Control For the Responsible Citizen  (Read 725 times)


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Hemorrhage Control For the Responsible Citizen
« on: August 14, 2017, 08:47:58 pm »

Description ( 3 hour Course)/ $60.00

This class will give you the tools and confidence to perform what is necessary during what could be the most stressful event you may ever face. You do not need any medical knowledge to take this course and it will include numerous practical applications from the classroom discussion to challenging scenarios, such as proper application and use of tourniquets.


Why this important to you, give a rundown on response times associated with first responders.

Brief lesson on layout of anatomy and physiology of major vessels

Patient assessment

Proper types of tourniquets

Proper application of a tourniquet

Treating life threatening hemorrhage were a tourniquet would not work effectively

Application and scenarios

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